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About Artist

Amy Zheng (MFA, MAc) currently lives and works in Berkeley, CA. She holds a MFA degree from the California College of the Arts, specializing painting, animation, and textiles.  She also has Fine Arts and Art History AA certificates.

She has successfully taught over 800 art lessons to hundreds students (kids to adults) in her home studio since 2020.

She currently works on paintings, drawings, animation, installation, textiles, and ceramics.  Her work's deepest quests are how to interact with nature; how to define oneself; what a transcultural life brings us; and how we face aging and death.  

The goal to found the MY ( Mei Yun ) Art Studio is to bring aesthetic education to children and adults.  She strives to inspire students' capabilities in all aspects of arts and create personalized arts using multiple media, including traditional painting, drawing, digital drawing and animation, and Ceramics.

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